Kevin Ethier, President & CEO

Kevin Ethier is a distinguished senior executive and entrepreneur with over thirty (30) years of experience in the IT/IS and software engineering field. He is a successful leader, teacher, developer, engineer and technical consultant in both the engineering and insurance industries. Kevin has wide-ranging experience in directing and coordinating all aspects of corporate development, including; the founding of businesses, engineering operations, marketing, sales, finance, writing of business plans used for IPO’s and strategic planning. He has proven leadership capabilities that have resulted in consistent and substantial increase in revenue and profit all while maintaining a high level of morale and team work.

Prior to his transition into the insurance industry, Kevin had tremendous success in the engineering industry, which included the starting of his own engineering and systems integration company, E.S.I.C., which he grew to sixty-five employees. Prior to this endeavor Kevin held the position of COO and Board of Directors for many engineering, IT and ISP organizations as well as software engineering organizations. In these positions he had to focus on a multi-facet of responsibilities which included; writing of technology sections of SB-2’s for companies IPO’s, migration of multiple disparate IS/IT organizations into one single, heterogeneous environment, consolidation of multiple physical facilities into one corporate headquarters, implementation of hot and cold site disaster recovery strategies, managing the software development life cycle and change management processes, managing and directing of IT/IS, support and sales personnel.

After over twenty years of success in engineering, he transitioned into the insurance industry where he specializes in the directing and integration of software platforms used to make the enrollment process more efficient (paperless), secure and reliable. He has partnered with and consulted for, major enrollment companies and carriers to streamline the process of enrolling insurance products for employers and unions. This process included making the process of billing and collections secure, reliable, and manageable.

John Montecalvo, Director of Operations

John is a long time veteran of the Information Technology industry. He started his career as an intern with the Rhode Island Department of Health in 1977. Charged with acquiring a "recording typewriter", his research led him to a Radio Shack store, where he was introduced to "word processing". After convincing the powers at the Health Department, he was responsible for the acquisition of the very first desktop computing equipment ever purchased by the State of Rhode Island. Over then next fourteen years he guided the State Health department into the computer age, from IBM's introduction of the first PC, to the design, development and integration of the first internal network powered by Novell Networks product called NETWARE. In 1978, he was witness to the first internet communication ever to take place in the State of Rhode Island. A faculty member at Harvard University sent a message to a faculty member at Brown University. That message was: "Watson are you there?"

His last achievement was the design and implementation of the State's first fully automated professional licensing system. A system that tract health professionals from initial licensure through retirement for Doctors, Nurses, Hairdressers and a host of other health professionals.

In 1991, John left the Rhode Island Department of Health to start his own consulting and integration business. That business has taken on many forms in the ensuing 23 years. He became a Certified Network Engineer for both the Novell and Microsoft networking platforms. Later he earned the Certified Trainer status for those platforms as well. His company was awarded a contract from Roger Williams University at their Center for Professional Development to start the first IT program Professional Development. Later his company became the first privately owned IT professional training center in the State.

Today, he and his company, join the Innovative Enrollment Solutions, Innovation Team.

Lee Stokes, Chief Marketing Officer

For the last 8 years Lee Stokes served as Vice President of National Voluntary Benefit Sales for AmWINS Group Inc, an International Insurance Wholesaler with 9 Billion Dollars in risk under management operating in 14 countries. His personal book of business is in excess of 80 Million Dollars in insured premium which was built just over the last 7 years. Lee Stokes is responsible to call on National Insurance Partners and Large National Brokerage firms in an effort to solicit enrollment, product and administrative placement opportunities for AmWINS Group Inc.

Prior to AmWINS Lee founded National Discount Healthcare Solutions and the HealthFlex Brand in the year 2000. At NDHS Lee was a pioneer in creating national low cost health plans to meet the needs of the nations uninsured. He was the first individual to create a low cost national health plan that was available to all persons in all states regardless of age or medical history. Lee sold his interest in NDHS in 2007.

Lee was an entrepreneur in residence as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Operations for SunRx, Inc./New Millennium Consultants prior to forming NDHS. During his time with SunRx/NMC, Lee took the lead on bringing to market a new concept in Pharmaceutical Benefit Management. His innovative approach to patient advocacy led to the formation of a new entity called PBMA (Pharmaceutical Benefit Management Advocacy). This new entity would ensure integrity and compliance from the PBM’s administration of prescription plans to employer groups and organizations.

Lee has always been in the forefront of cutting edge ideas, bringing 21 years of successful business experience to AmWINS. In Addition, he has proven himself as a true visionary with his ability to foresee, and execute on, upcoming trends across several market verticals. His presence on the national insurance stage has been recognized by carriers and brokers alike operating in all 50 states.

Chris Carpino, Director of Strategic Relationships

Chris Carpino is a Philadelphia native and has enjoyed his career within the employee benefits industry for over 30 years.

As a business start-up leader, he is recognized as an innovator and trusted advisor within the employer, carrier, and benefit consulting channels. His diverse background includes Human Capital Management, HR compliance, core & voluntary benefits, along with enrollment technology platforms.

Chris has provided consulting services to many of the nation’s largest brokerage firms and voluntary benefit carriers, and has provided C-suites and field sales teams tactical training along with aiding in the construct of product design. While attending Rowan College in the late 1980s for Business Administration, Chris also secured his Life, Health, Series 6 & 63 lines of authority and rapidly achieved numerous industry awards and recognition. He went on to build and sell his own boutique benefit agency based in Cherry Hill, NJ in January 2000.